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Welcome at L'AURA


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It´s a house full of inspiration and surprise which re-creation was led by the vision to give a run-down fin-de-siècle villa (as in building´s history) a new purpose. By choice of materials and low emissions of green house gas we want to decrease its CO2 footprint. Our main goal is to protect the nature and to provide energy to the house in such a way that it allows the life to flow there continuously and peacefully in our rushed times.

To grant new life to the house and its interiors we applied traditional materials and completed them with natural resources as straw, mud, wood and stone. Beside such ecological building materials the house was equipped with air-conditioning which allows regeneration of discharged heat. Thus we hope that you have fresh air all the time and enjoy the pleasant climate.

In the interiors you won´t find and sharp corner,

everything is round or rounded – the way we like it. (smiley)

Allow us to invite you to have a glance. Give it a try and see yourself:

On the first floor there is BISTRO+CAFÉ offering sweet-smelling coffee of roasting plant NORDBEANS from Liberec and a choice of healthy breakfasts and light lunches.

On the second floor there is a pleasant hall for yoga sessions. And on the second floor we provide massages and cosmetic treatments as well.

Refresh your body and your mind and treat yourself.

We are looking forward to see you.

“According to the Law of Turnover Evidence the seller has to issue a bill to the buyer. At the same time the seller has to register the sales at the Tax Authorities online, in case of a technical failure within 48 hours the latest.”













"Podle zákona o evidenci tržeb je prodávající povinen vystavit kupujícímu účtenku. Zároveň je povinen zaevidovat přijatou tržbu u správce daně online; v případě technického výpadku pak nejpozději do 48 hodin."